Zoning Board of Appeals

Board Members

John P. Corcoran – Chairman
Jennifer Cook – Vice Chairman
Jim Luchina – Secretary
Betty Ann Hayden – Member
Michael Malloy – Member
Patrick McKenney – Alternate
Dillon Tyman – Alternate
Philip Chester – Alternate
Katie Hastings – Alternate
John Burda – Alternate
Rosalie McKenney – Clerk


Gary Haynes Director of Community Development

Rosalie McKenney Administrative Assistant

Phone: (860) 653-3444

Fax: (860) 653-4017


Nothing from January 17, 2022 to March 17, 2022.

Town of East Granby, CT


The Zoning Board of Appeals has the authority, within limits prescribed by state law, to vary the application of zoning regulations where literal application of those regulations would result in “exceptional difficulty or unusual hardship”. The Board also hears and decides appeals where it is alleged there has been an error in enforcement of a zoning regulation or decision.

The Board meets as required to address specific issues brought to it. Members of the Board are elected; the five regular members serve a five year term and the three alternates serve a two year term. In each municipal election there are two regular members on the ballot – one for a term beginning the January after the election and one for a term beginning a year from that January. All three alternates are elected in each municipal election.

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