Vote By Mail in August Presidential and State/Federal Primaries

Vote by mail will be available for the August 11, 2020 primaries.  The State of CT is mailing each registered, active Democrat or Republican voter an application for an absentee ballot.  Voters do NOT have to do anything to initiate receiving an application.  Once the application is received, please read it carefully.  In order to vote by mail, you will need to check off one of the reasons listed on the application.  The absentee ballot application has been revised to reflect the governor’s Executive Order related to absentee ballots and the primary.  The voter will return the application by mail to the address proved in a postage paid envelope.  The voter will then receive a ballot in the mail with instructions on how to vote.  Ballots become available on July 21, 2020.  Please note, if you choose not to vote by mail, voting at the polls will still be available.

Questions, please contact the Town Clerks office at 860-653-6528 or [email protected]