East Granby Land Trust Trail Construction

We have some great news to share for our community. East Granby Land Trust acquired a piece of agricultural land that connects R.D. Seymour School to Granbrook Park. The town of East Granby, in coordination with R.D. Seymour School, has agreed to work with the East Granby Land Trust to make a trail to connect the properties. 
Why is this important? This will allow students a safe way to access the agricultural land, farmed by Nourish My Soul, and Granbrook Park for educational opportunities, park and rec after school and summer programming. The nonprofit organization, Nourish My Soul has been farming Howard Preserve and is working with R.D. Seymour School to create programming specific to their curriculum that will give them opportunities to be on the farm growing plants, learning about sustainability and learning about the environment. It will also give our residents a longer walking path, just over .6 miles one direction, where they can appreciate our nationally designated wild and scenic river, Salmon Brook as well as Granbrook Park, the woods and agricultural land. It is a great opportunity for residence to appreciate a variety of open space our town has to offer.
When will this trail be built?: The trail will be worked on in phases in 2023-2024. Starting with tree cutting behind the soccer fields in the coming months. Once the trees are removed there will be excavation work to create a 6% grade trail down to the Howard Preserve giving it an ADA accessible trail for everyone to use. Please keep clear of this work area for your own safety.
We thank you for your patience while we work.