PZC 07-27-21 Meeting CAnceled

Based on community input the Planning and Zoning Commission has decided to cancel the Planning and Zoning Meeting scheduled for 7/27/21 and withdraw the application for regulation change for adopting a Commerce Park Transitional Zone-B for Lot 44 located on Seymour Rd.  The commission understands the sensitivity regarding this decision to change the zone of the property from residential to the proposed Commerce Park Transitional Zone. 

As part of the Town’s Plan of Conservation and Development, and based off of changes in land use in the adjacent Town in Windsor, it was determined at land use workshops leading up to the establishing the Plan of Conservation and Development in 2016 that the property would be better suited for commercial development rather than residential development.  Community concerns regarding scale and size, buffering the adjacent residential properties, and potential for increase truck traffic remain a concern.  Prior to COVID the Planning and Zoning Commission started the process in January 2020 in adopting several recommended regulation and zone changes in the Town’s Plan of Conservation and Development, but unfortunately these discussion were stalled do to the circumstances with the pandemic. 

Given the community concern the commission feels it is prudent that we continue these discussions and proposes withdrawing the current zone change application to have “in person” Neighborhood meetings and Land Use Workshops with the Land Use Commissions this Fall to discuss community concerns with the neighbors.  The Planning and Zoning Commission intentions with the zone change is to balance all factors including the potential for infrastructure benefits such as water and sewer service, and potential of generating tax revenue while mitigating the community concerns.  It is important to understand this is not an application by the land owner, and by this being an application by the commission it allows the Planning and Zoning Commission to establish and control the type of development we consider appropriate for this area.  After hosting these neighborhood meetings and workshops the Planning and Zoning Commission will reconsider bring forth a Zone Change application that helps moves us forward in implementing our goals and recommendations in our Plan and Conservation and Development, while mitigating community concerns.