May 2021 Police Blotter

May 2021 East Granby Police Blotter

First Selectman Jim Hayden has released the following information regarding police activity for May 2021.  Please note that “Total Calls for Service” includes tickets, accidents, patrol checks, community contacts, administrative assignments, well-being checks and business checks.

Total Calls for Service:  May 627​  ​Year to Date – 3,568

Accidents:  May11. ​​Year to Date – 38 ​​

Tickets:  May 10. ​​Year to Date49​​

Medicals:  May 27​  ​Year to Date – 119

Citizen Assist:  May – 22​​  Year to Date118

Motorist Assist:  May ​​Year to Date 39

Alarms:  May20  ​​Year to Date 89

DWI:  May0. ​​Year to Date – 1

Larcenies  May0. ​​Year to Date – 4

Domestics  May2. ​​Year to Date – 6

Arrests: Nicole Dabkonwki – East Granby – Disorderly Conduct