Information Regarding the 09-18-18 Lockdown of the Middle/High School

The following information is compiled from a State Police press release and from Interim Superintendent Charles – both were issued on 9-18-2018.


  1. State Police Press Release: “On 9-18-2018 at approximately 0730 hours, The East Granby Middle School and High School located at 95 South Main Street, East Granby received information that a student was possibly in possession of a weapon on the school bus.  At the time, the Resident Trooper was located inside the school and the school was immediately placed into lock down.  After ensuring all students were secured in a classroom, a search of the school was conducted with officers from the East Granby Resident Troopers Office, State Police Troop H Hartford and State Police Canine Units.  It was later determined that the incident regarding the weapon occurred on Friday 9-14-18.  The person of interest has been identified and the investigation is ongoing”.


  1. Information from Interim Superintendent Patricia Charles – 9-18-2018 to Parents/Guardians: “Thank you for your patience today as the high school and middle school responded to a possible weapon threat.  I know this was stressful as you waited for information about the safety of your children.  I wasn’t to give you an update regarding the investigation by the State Police to this point:


The State Police issued a press release this afternoon stating that the middle and high schools went into lockdown as students and buses were arriving this morning.  Staff at the school received information regarding a student in possession of a possible weapon on one of the school buses.  Resident Trooper Holcombe as at the school and immediately placed the school in lockdown.  All students were secured in a classroom and a search of the school took place including officers from the East Granby Resident Trooper Office, State Troop H in Hartford, and State Police Canine Units.  It was later determined that the incident regarding the potential weapon happened on Friday.  A person of interest was identified and the investigation is ongoing.


The students were able to move about their classroom during this period and had access to the lavatories.  Counselors and nurses supported students who were anxious during this event. Sgt William Blumenthal of the State Police commended the staff and students for their excellent response.  Our schools regularly practice emergency protocols and were able to immediately put the emergency plan in place.  A debrief was held after school with our educational team to look critically at our response and how we can improve our procedure.


Classes will resume tomorrow, September 19th. Remember tomorrow is a previously scheduled early dismissal day due to teacher professional development.  I am proud of the way everyone responded in this emergency and particularly gratefully for the quick response on the part of our state and local troops.  Sincerely, Patricia Charles, Ed.D Interim Superintendent.”