Drought Advisory in Effect Statewide – Annual Rainfall Down 26%

As you may know, the State of Connecticut has put a Drought Advisory in effect statewide. All Connecticut residents and businesses are requested to voluntarily reduce water demand​ by 10 percent. Most East Granby residents receive their water from wells located on their property. Normal annual rainfall for Hartford County is 50.84 inches. This year the total is 37.39 inches or a reduction of 26% over normal levels. This lack of rainfall directly correlates to water available for your well and those of your neighbors since everyone shares the same ground water sources.

The Connecticut Water Status website ​​http://www.ct.gov/waterstatus/...​ contains helpful conservation information such as: ​​

What Can I do to conserve water?​

​1. Set a voluntary water use reduction goal of 10%.

2. Cut back on unnecessary water use, such as watering laws, washing cars or filling swimming pools

3. Put water conservation tips into practice.

4. Stop indoor and outdoor plumbing leaks.

Cutting back on water use by refraining from outdoor use or doing laundry and limiting toilet flushing and bathing can significantly reduce your demand for water. Timing water use to spread out your water demand over the entire day may also help you well water levels. Remember, since groundwater levels are low due to the drought, water conservation helps you and your neighbors since we all share the same aquifer.

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