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Town of East Granby

Water Resources

Wetland and Watercourses

Water Quality and High Groundwater Availability

Land Resources

USGS Topo Map

Surficial Materials

Erosion Susceptibility

Farmland Soils

Elevation Contours

Steep Slopes

DEEP Potentially Contaminated Sites

Biological Resources

DEEP Biodiversity

Land Cover

Forest Fragmentation

Farmington River Watershed Association Biodiversity

Cultural Resources

Scenic Resources

Historic Resources

Recreation Resources

Land Use Maps

Potential Buildout Scenario

Day-Night Sound Level (DNL) Contours

Future Land Use Plan

Existing Land Use Map

Natural Resource Plan

Open Space Plan

Residential Densities Plan

Utility Plan

Sewer Maps

Zoning Map

CRCOG Land Use Plan

State of Connecticut Land Use Plan

Drainage Maps


LID Suitability Map

Stormwater System Maps

Assessor Maps for 2015

Index Map

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Town of East Granby, 9 Center St, P.O. Box 1858, East Granby, CT 06026
T: 860.653.2576    F: 860.653.4017    E:
Hours:   Mon - Thurs: 8a - 12p, 1p - 4p     Fri: 8a - 1p